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the Boots

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Old Engineer Boot


Motorcycle Boot -
Engineer Boot."


Maybe the best picture on this site??
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The boots are mostly engineer (motorcycle) boots as shown above and a very favorite of mine, the motocross boot.  The numbers are beyond any reasonable count and vary from new to not wearable.   Most of the motocross boots were made by one company, Alpinestars of Italy.   Half of them are of the Hi Point brand (made by Alpinestars) with the very notable steel shin plate.   Pictures of this collection have been sent to Italy to Alpinestars.

Another brand in the collection is one of the very first true motocross boots, Full Bore (picture below).  Some of the Full Bores are brand new, being obtained at an estate auction.   Be sure and check out the Full Bore Boots page and see the boots used in "Battlestar Galactica."  One pair of new 1990's Alpinestars Tech 7's carry the signature of Jeremy McGrath!  These have never been worn.

>   See the new Engineer Boot History section.   A recent acquisition of a 1943 Chippewa catalog and a 1980's letter from Chippewa have shed some light on the origin of the classic engineer boot.  New information also puts WESCO as an early manufacture of this style.  Does this style go back to the depression days or even farther?  Check it out.  <

The traditional engineer (motorcycle) boots have been also used in plays and musicals.  Be sure and check out the expanding collection of Firefighters Boots.   You will also see many, many other styles and some very unusual and rare boots as you enjoy these several pages of "the Boot Collection."

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New Full Bores (1973)
Fire Boots
Hi Points Size 13

Full Bore Motocross Boots
of the early 70's
Worn in "Battlestar Galactica"


Fire Boots

Popular Hi-Point Motocross Boots of the 80's

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Want to buy of new pair of these classic Hi-Points?
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Click the boot to see a neat photo of the classic Engineer (Motorcycle) Boot!

Copy of letter from owner of engineer boots I recently purchased. >

Jan. 28, 1999

Hi Jerry -- Enclosed are a pair of Harley-Davidson Boots I purchased approximately 20 years ago.  I enjoyed having them, and wearing them through the years, traveling from east to west.  I hope your travels are as pleasant!

Thank You

This site is not a business, but is a private collection.  The opinions and comments are mine and are not those of the particular brand or manufacture of the items pictured in this site.  All information given is based on my personal experience and knowledge gained from owning this huge classic collection.  Items are for display and are not for sale.

These pages are for non-profit informational purposes with no intention of infringing upon the copyrights of any of the copyright owners.  Jerry


Engineer Boots ] Harness Boots ] Motocross Boots ] Cowboy Boots ] Other Boots ] More Boots ]

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