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Tire Tread Engineers


Size 13 Chippewa's

Unique Engineer Boots with actual Tire Treads for the Soles and Heels.

Thanks to Skip for the story and pictures.

"...And the biker from Kentucky looked at me and said, 'I'll bet you don't know something about those tire treads you added to your engineer boots.'  Bikers in the St. Louis, Missouri area have always added automobile tire treads to the soles and heels of their engineer boots.  It makes the heels three inches high and the soles a corresponding height.  I have always done so to my own engineer boots.  I also knew that the shoe repair guys who did the tire treads were slowly disappearing.  Fewer and fewer did it, until now it is impossible to find one who will add the treads."
"I asked the biker from Kentucky, 'Know what?'  He explained that if a man wore tire treads added to his engineer boots it identified him as a biker either from St. Louis or Kentucky.  I began to think, indeed I had never seen this on engineer boots in any other location in the country.  Then I happened to be in Kentucky a short time later on a vacation.  And I discovered several Blue Grass riders had thick heavy tire treads on their engineers.  I spoke with several of the shoe and boot guys who added these to the engineer boots at their shops, and they considered it an art."

Skip, Saint Louis, Missouri


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