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The Featured Pages of this web site are being removed.  All the boots on the Featured Pages are also on other pages of this site.


If you are in a hurry and only have time to check out just a few of the Motocross Boot pictures, this page is for you.  This page features 12 pairs of Motocross Boots that are also pictured on the other pages, but these boots are some of the more unique, more notable, from special friends, very old, very new, my favorites, etc.  If you only have time for one page in this section, then please enjoy these 12 pairs of boots.  These will change from time to time.  Other large Boot Collection sections also contain a Featured Boots page.  Look for the red stars.

This page under construction. . .

Click each picture below for larger and additional pictures of each boot!

Full Bores from the 70's.

1sp.  Original Full Bore Boots
7 Standard Buckles
11.5 with character

2sp.   Full Bore Smooth Soles
14 - Early Version
New - 1973



This row of Hi Points are not yet clickable.  Stay tuned. . .





Some of the newer styles.

9sp.  Alpinestars Tech 7's
Size 13!





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