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Hi-Point Boots #2


Original Hi-Point Metal Logo

Older Version with 3 separate pieces of leather

Hi-Point Motocross Boot

Story - Page 2

Newer version with one piece of leather painted three colors

At this time Hi-Points lose the traditional leather straps and go to the four metal buckles, which they have in some form today.  This first metal buckle version has the same padded top and same metal shin plate as the final 5 strap version.

First Hi-Point with metal buckles

Combination Sole

This is the same boot as above showing the sole with a mild tread.   This replaces both the smooth MX boot and the lug sole enduro boot.  This is a similar design that exists today.

Hi-Point loses another tradition with the replacement of the padded top with this leather covered elastic top.  It is designed to be a better shield to water and dirt.  This is the top used today.

First Hi-Point with elastic top

Buckle detail

A close up of the same boot showing more detail of the elastic top and the buckles.

The next generation Hi-Point boot adds the plastic toe guard on the shifter foot.  See the upcoming pictures (future) for further changes of the plastic guard.

Hi-Points with toe guard

Toe Guard

A close-up of the guard on this pair of size 14 Hi-Points.  This was the first plastic guard.  Alpinestars added three more guards on later models, but have returned to this more traditional single toe guard on the Pro GP boots sold today.

To be Continued . . .

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