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Unique college party:

Boots in the Movies Trivia
Goose in "Mad Max" and Kurt Russell in "Escape From New York"

The Best,
the Unique,
the Special Pages

Check out the 
unique collection  
of Firefighters Boots.  

Check out these
unique tire tread

 Check out these
  20" 4 Buckle
  WESCO Engineer Boots
  from the 1970's.


1943 Chippewa Stationary >

Check out the origin of the Engineer Boot.


Can you identify
this rare Boot?
See Facts & Trivia page

Wengatz Hall, Taylor

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to see this
college party.


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Want to buy of new pair of these classic Hi-Points?
The Signature of Jeremy Mcgrath

See the new Engineer Boot History section.   A recent acquisition of a 1943 Chippewa catalog and a 1980's letter from Chippewa have shed some light on the origin of the classic engineer boot.  WESCO may also be an early manufacture of this style.  Does this style go back to the depression days or even farther?  Check it out.  A 1928 Chippewa catalog has been acquired.

A pair of 17" Chippewa engineer boots has just been received that is very possibly from the 40's and most definitely from the early 50's.

As you look through the next few pages of jackets and boots that follow you will see just a very few of the more unique and favorite jackets and boots.  Hope you enjoy the pictures and this brief journey through biker and motocross history.  Maybe you will also enjoy the pictures of other types of boots including Fire Boots, Army Boots, Lineman Boots, and Cowboy Boots.

Also check out the facts and trivia page featuring unique and identifying features of various kinds of jackets and boots.  If you have anything (regardless of condition) that you think I might be interested in, let me know.

The site also has a search engine to find your favorite type, style, brand of boot of jacket easily.  Or if you are in a hurry, check out the Featured Boots pages in each category.

Very special Chippewa Boot!
Late 40's or early 50's?

How old?

Original Chippewa


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