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The answers to the quiz are listed below.  All comments are mine and are based on personal experience by owning the various brands.  If anyone has additional information, I would welcome any comments or facts.  Also let me know if you disagree.

There are a couple of construction methods that clearly identifies a Chippewa and Red Wing made engineer boot from all the other engineer boots.  Wesco's are also easy to identify.  The older, original Chippewas, can also be easily identified from the newer ones.  See where Sears was a major source of Engineer Boots during the 60's and 70's.  What was the name of Easyrider engineer boots?

This "the Answers & More" page covers the main details of the Chippewa Engineer Boot which has been around for a long time.  The original Chippewas are one my favorite Engineer Boots.  There are many other variations and various sole types that will be covered on the "Chippewa Trivia" page.  However, if you know the information contained on this page, you will be an expert in identifying if an Engineer Boot was made by Chippewa and approximately the age.  You will be able to recognize Red Wing and WESCO engineer boots.

Be sure and see a complete description of the various brands of quality engineer boots, past and present on the 5 Brand Trivia pages.  Also be sure and check the history of the engineer boot.

Classic Chippewa

What company makes this boot?
This is all you need to identify the manufacturer.
There are two clues in this picture.

The Classic Engineer Boot of all time!  Made by Chippewa.  Sold under many names.  The key is the triangular stitching on the upper strap.  The leather trim at the top is also important to insure the boot was made by Chippewa.  Only one other company (WESCO) uses the same triangular stitching, but does not have the same trim at the top.

Some of the companies that have used Chippewa to make their Engineer Boots include;  Sears (12" 1970's), Harley Davidson (late 1970's and 1980's), Easyrider (1970's), Jammer (1970's).

If an Engineer Boot does not have this triangular stitching and trim, IT IS NOT MADE BY CHIPPEWA!  NOTE:  This statement has to be modified after receiving some new information.  Very old Chippewa's did not have the triangular stitching.  More information is on the Chippewa Trivia page.

How old and why?
What other information is needed?

Older Style Chippewa

Again, this is a Chippewa made Engineer Boot as identified by the top strap and trim (see above picture).  The key in this picture is the rivet under the buckle.  This is the sign of the original classic Chippewa.  All Chippewas had this rivet prior to some time in the mid 80's.  I'm unsure of the exact date.

Older style Chippewa

Company?  Age?

Chippewa again.  This is the second method of identify an original Chippewa.  Not only do they have the rivet (above picture) under the lower strap, the vertical strip on the back get slightly wider at the bottom.  Compare this to the newer Chippewa in the picture below.

Company?  Age?
Compare to rear strip above.

Newer Style Chippewa

As you know by now, Chippewa again.  This is the newer style.   The vertical strip on the back is the same width from top to bottom.  The rivet is gone on the strap also.

Red Wing

Who makes this boot and why?

Notice, the upper strap is attached to the outside of the shaft.   Other brands of engineer boots cut a slit in the leather and attach to the inside.   See the Chippewa at the top of this page.  This is a Red Wing.  Mason uses this method also.  To my knowledge, only Red Wing and Mason (looks like a Red Wing) attaches the strap on the outside.

What kind and why?
Is more information needed?


This is a Wesco Engineer boot called by Wesco, "the Boss."   The cut of the leather is the clue, but more information is needed.  A few other brands look similar in this area.  Red Wing is similar.  More details on the Wesco page.

Red Top Chippewa

What brand and age?
Very unique and rare!

A very unique Chippewa.  Only made around 1978 to 1980.  It has been called the "raspberry" top Chippewa.  Highly valued by collectors.   See more pictures of this classic.

Here is a neat link to the history of the vibram sole.


Now that you are an expert.  Go to the 6 Trivia pages under the Brand Trivia for many, many more details and trivia of the various brands of boots.  These pages are under construction.


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