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Alpinestars Hi Point* Motocross Boots

The metal plate can be seen as the second version of the Alpinestars plate and the boots are the 6 strap version.

All the pictures below can be clicked for an enlargement.

The first three photos show the metal plate and the last photo shows the cutout in the back that contains the Italian colors or red, white, & green strips, although they may have been darkened for the movie.

The sole can be seen as the Alpinestars with the mild lug sole that was usually seen on the newer 5 strip Alpinestars Hi Points.

These two pictures show the most unusual characteristic and the one that I have not seen on other Alpinestars Hi Points.  Instead of the diamond shaped metal piece on the metatarsal area, there are simply just three rivets.  Compare these two pictures to the Hi Point below in the "Classic Boots" collection.

Classic 6 Strap Hi-Points
From the "Classic Boots" Collection

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  *Alpinestars vs. Hi Points

The metal shin plate version of Alpinestars motocross boots that  were imported into the USA usually carried the name of Hi Points.  It is possible that the ones used in the movie, did not have the Hi Point name on the boots, but regardless, they were Italian made by Alpinestars.  Occasionally where the name Hi Point appeared (top of metal plate),  it was possible to see someone's name such as Roger DeCoster.


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